(Short Term Scientific Missions) for missions occurring between

November 1st 2023 and April 1st 2024

Deadline for applications to be submitted for this Call: 29.2.24.
You can apply any time until February 29
th, 2024.

Notification of application outcome will be sent two weeks after submission. Period of STSM: 1.11.2023 – 1.04.2024

Short-Term Scientific Mission consists in a visit of a host organization located in a different country than the country of affiliation by a Researcher or Innovator for the specific work to be carried out and for a determined period of time.

Short-Term Scientific Missions benefit the STSM Grantee and the STSM Host. The STSM Grantee receives funding for implementing a project with an international team and gains new knowledge or access to equipment or techniques not available in the home institution.

The STSM Host receives an international partner in their institution and can develop long lasting collaboration.