The conference “Designing the Future: Electro-. Photo-, and Thermochemical water splitting”, will take place on 20 – 22 February 2023, in the heart of Europe, in the beautiful city of Brussels.

This conference is seeking to bring together professionals with theoretical, experimental, and practical expertise in the subject areas of:

  • Atomic-scale modelling of materials for water splitting 
  • Materials for photochemical and electrochemical water splitting 
  • Thermochemical water splitting cycles 
  • Thermochemical energy storage with water splitting 
  • Macroscopic modelling 

The conference will consist of:

  • 2 days of presentations and posters in the framework of electro-, photo- and thermochemical water splitting
  • 1 day dedicated to Modelling and Machine Learning (Reactive Force Fields, Density Functional Theory Tight Binding, Neural Networks, Evolutionary Algorithms, SISSO, Machine Learning Potentials, etc.) 

The event will be organized in person to promote the progress in the field, exchange ideas, establish new academic links and collaborations.

A proposal for a dedicated peer-reviewed issue of Catalysis Today is ongoing.

We encourage the presentation of new/original research which could be published in this special issue.  We look forward to hosting you at this event – free of charge – and to learn from your contribution (oral or poster).